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Paritta Parikamma

WMVInviting the Deities

Samantā cakkavāḷesu, atrā ‘gacchantu devatā,
Saddhammaṃ munirājassa, suṇantu saggamokkhadaṃ.

O deities who are residing in the various realms, please come to this place and listen to the sacred doctrine of the King of Sages, which can yield divine bliss and perfect emancipation.

Dhammassavanakālo ayaṃ bhadantā.
Dhammassavanakālo ayaṃ bhadantā.
Dhammassavanakālo ayaṃ bhadantā.

O deities, now it is time to listen to the Dhamma.
O deities, now it is time to listen to the Dhamma.
O deities, now it is time to listen to the Dhamma.


Namo tassa Bhagavato arahato sammāsambuddhassa.
Homage to the Blessed One, the Worthy One, the Fully Enlightened One.

Ye santāsantacittā, tisaraṇa-saraṇā, ettha lokantare vā, Bhummā bhummā ca devā, guṇa gaṇa gahaṇa byāvaṭā sabba kālaṃ. Ete āyantu devā varakanakamaye, meru rāje vasanto, Santo santosa hetuṃ, munivaravacanaṃ sotu maggaṃ samaggā.

Those who are tranquil and peaceful in mind, who have taken sanctuary in the three refuges, whether here or in other spheres, the deities of terrestial and celestial spheres who are always anxious to accrue merit, those deities (and kings of gods) who are residing on the regal Meru, the majestic golden mountain, and all those virtuous ones, please come to listen to the noble words of the Great Sage, which are the root cause of contentment.

Sabbesu cakkavāḷesu, yakkhā devā ca bramhano,
Yaṃ amhehi kataṃ puññaṃ, sabbasampattisādhakaṃ.

May the demons, deities and Bramha gods in all realms rejoice in whatever meritorious deeds we have done for the accomplishment of all well-being.

Sabbe taṃ anumoditvā, samaggā sāsane ratā,
Pamāda rahitā hontu, ārakkhāsu visesato.

Having rejoiced in this sharing of merit, may all be comfortable and harmonious in his teachings.

May all be free from negligence especially in their duty of protection.

Sāsanassa ca lokassa, vuḍḍhi bhavatu sabbadā,
Sāsanampi ca lokañca, devā rakkhantu sabbadā.

May there always be prosperity in the religion and in the world.

May the deities always guard the religion and also the world.

Saddhiṃ hontu sukhī sabbe, parivārehi attano, Anīghā sumanā hontu, saha sabbehi ñātibhi.

May all of you together with your friends be happy.

May you together with your relatives be free from pain and be joyful.

Rājato vā corato vā, Manussato vā amanussato vā, Aggito vā udakato vā, Pisācato vā khāṇukato vā, Kaṇṭakato vā nakkhattato vā, Janapada-rogato vā asaddhammato vā, Asandiṭṭhito vā asappurisato vā Caṇḍa hatthi assa miga goṇa kukkura ahi vicchika maṇisappa dīpi, Accha taraccha sūkara mahiṃsa yakkha rakkhasādīhi, Nānābhayato vā nānārogato vā, Nānā-upaddavato vā ārakkhaṃ gaṇhantu.

May you take care in protecting yourselves from the dangers of tyrants, robbers, human beings, non-human beings, fires, floods, demons, tree-stumps, thorns, evil planets, epidemics, wrong-doers or heretics; from wild elephants, horses, beasts, oxen, dogs, serpents, scorpions, poisonous snakes, leopards, bears, hyenas, boars, buffaloes, ogres, devils etc., and from dangers of various fears, diseases and disasters.

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