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Mahāsi Mausoleum — 1982

Mahāsi Mausoleum

This building was constructed in one corner of Mahāsi Yeikthā in Rangoon to serve as a lasting memorial to the tireless work of the Most Venerable Mahāsi Sayādaw in propagating the practice of Satipatthāna meditation. Inside this marble mausoleum is a lifelike statue of the late Mahāsi Sayādaw, some photographs of his foreign missions, and on the walls, inscribed in marble slabs, one can read (in Burmese) his great work on Vipassanā meditation — Vipassanā Shunee Kyan.

In the centre of the building is a raised wooden platform on which one may practice meditation in the calm and cool interior of this mausoleum. “He reveres me the most who practices my teaching the most.” (The Buddha)