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Mahāsi Sayādaw

A Manual of Insight Meditation

Download the » PDF file (843 K) First two chapters only

Editor’s Preface

I prepared this edition from the PDF files hosted on the Saraniya Dhamma web site. It is a significant undertaking due to the length of the work and the large number of Pāḷi quotations from the Tipiṭaka, the Aṭṭhakathā (Commentaries), and Ṭīkā (Subcommentaries). The references have been changed to those of the Roman script editions, where available. The Visuddhi­magga Mahāṭīka (VismṬ) references are to the CSCD Burmese Piṭaka.

My edition, as usual, aims to make these works by the great Burmese Sayādaws more accessible to those less familiar with the Pāḷi texts or Commentaries, let alone the Subcommentaries.

Inevitably, a manual of insight meditation dealing, as it does, with a profound subject, is not for the casual student of Buddhism. However, for the serious meditator who is striving to follow the practice of insight meditation as taught by the late Venerable Mahāsi Sayādaw, this work will be a valuable resource to inform and encourage their practice.

That it has taken over seventy years for this work (the Burmese edition was published in 1945) to appear in an English edition is some measure of the size of the task. Wisdom Publications have now published an edition by the Metta Foundation Translation Committee. Their edition is, no doubt, more thorough and accurate than mine, which is still at the initial draft stage. However, by making this edition available online as a free download and in a convenient PDF format, properly indexed and bookmarked, I hope it will prove a useful asset for the serious students of insight meditation.

Original PDF Files

The original PDF files (renamed only) are included here for comparison with my own edition, which is linked to above. That is only Chapter I, and is just an initial draft. I plan to improve it later. I have undertaken this project for my own study, and as an online preview for those who are contemplating purchasing the full edition from Wisdom Publications.

  1. A Manual of Insight Meditation Vol 1 Part 1 Chapters I to III
  2. A Manual of Insight Meditation Vol 1 Part 2 Chapters IV
  3. A Manual of Insight Meditation Vol 2 Part 1 Chapter V
  4. A Manual of Insight Meditation Vol 2 Part 2 Chapters VI and VII